Science-Upendra Handwritten Class Notes Hindi

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Science-Upendra Handwritten Class Notes Hindi .Upendra sir notes best for UPSC aspirants for exam.So many students using their notes and score better result in the UPSC exam. Upendra  Sir notes contained full syllabus.His notes beneficial and best for UPSC exam preparation.These notes are also available in Hindi for Hindi medium students.

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3.Notes best for UPSC IAS and Civil services exam and also covers latest pattern with updates.

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Science-Upendra Handwritten Class Notes Hindi

Module – 1: Measurement in Science

Module 2: Matter in our Surroundings

2. Matter in Our Surroundings

3. Atom and Molecules

4. Chemical Reaction and Equations

5. Atomic Structure

6. Periodic Classification of Elements

7. Chemical Bonding

8. Acids, Bases and Salts

Module 3: Moving Things
  • 9. Motion and its Description
  • 10. Force and Motion
  • 11. Gravitation
Module 4: Energy
  • 12. Sources of Energy
  • 13. Work and Energy
  • 14. Thermal Energy
  • 15. Light Energy
  • 16. Electrical Energy
  • 17. Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
  • 18. Sound and Communication

Module 5: The Living World

  • 19. Classification of Living Organism
  • 20. History of Life on Earth
  • 21. Building Blocks of Life – Cell and Tissues
  • 22. Life Processes – 1 : Nutrition, Transportation, Respiration and Excretion
  • 23. Life Processes – 2 : Control and Coordination
  • 24. Life Processes – 3 : Reproduction
  • 25. Heredity

Module 6: Natural Resources

  • 26. Air and Water
  • 27. Metals and Non-metals
  • 28. Carbon and Its Compounds

Module 7: Humans and Environment

  • 29. Natural Environment
  • 30. Human Impact on Environment
  • 31. Food Production
  • 32. Health and Hygiene

Contained full syllabus

Best for Upsc aspirants

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