Insights on India Prelims Test Series 2018

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A total of 37 Tests (23 Mock Tests based on Prescribed Syllabus + 8 Revision cum Mock Tests + 6 Full Length UPSC like simulation Tests). Revision cum Mock tests include 50 percent revision questions + 50% questions that are based on prescribed syllabus.Insights on India Prelims Test Series 2018

How to Make Most of Our Prelims Test Series?

If you have decided to give Prelims in 2018, you should start preparation immediately. Giving tests from Day 1 will boost your confidence. We have noticed that those who give tests from Day 1 improve scores drastically. For ex, if you are getting scores of 30-40 in first test, you will score 110+ in last set of tests provided you give tests regularly.

  1. Treat each Test as both Learning and Testing exercise. By giving a test, you test your concepts as well as learn new concepts or facts. Most of the students give these tests solely to Test their preparation. This creates problem. If you score low, you lose your confidence. Instead, treat each test as a learning opportunity too. After giving a test, same day, you MUST read all solutions carefully. That’s why, a Sunday should be kept solely for revision. When you follow our timetable, you will have to revise everything on Sunday. This revision cycle will help you immensely in remembering even minute details which is very much needed to choose correct option for a tricky question in exam.
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  3. While revising solutions of our tests, don’t restrict yourself to what’s given in there. You have to explore links and learning part. This is another mistake many aspirants commit. In the end they expect everything to come out of these questions and solutions in real exam. If this is the case, you can just buy all tests in the end, mug up and give exam. Why struggle? Revising meaningfully and in-depth helps you in Mains too. Always read both from prelims and mains point of view.
  4. Give each test with good preparation. If you just give the test for the sake of giving it, you will not learn much. If you come prepared and give a test, you will learn better. Test reinforces your concepts. It lets you know how further you can study better. While studying you might miss some important facts or concepts, or you might ignore assuming those facts are unimportant, but when you see a question on these facts/concepts, you will realise what you were missing. If you give a test without preparing its syllabus, you will never come to know what you are missing.

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