Philosophy Paper 1 and 2 Class Notes Patanjali

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Philosophy Paper 1& 2 Handwritten Class Notes Patanjali

1. Western philosophy पश्चिमी दर्शन
2. Indian philosophy   भारतीय दर्शन
3. Social-political philosophy सामाजिक-राजनीतिक दर्शन
4. Religious philosophy  धार्मिक दर्शन


Indian Philosophy

Western Philosophy

It is purely conceptual and logical. If you have firm grip on concepts you could score good marks in paper 1 itself. But it requires good understanding and writing practice.

First of all try to study basic points before starting the syllabus. These are
1. What is Substance
2. Epistemology
3. Meaning of metaphysics
4. Induction and Deduction methods
5. Sources of knowledge


Social Political Philosophy

Religious philosophy

Paper-2 is all about answer writing. How could easily you can make your answer objective ,marks depend on it.

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