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Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE by Ashish Mishra is one of the best teacher for Organic chemistry His notes quality is very good and specially recommend for those students who are preparing for JEE IIT.


Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE by Ashish Mishra is one of the best teacher for Organic chemistry His notes quality is very good and specially recommend for those students who are preparing for JEE IIT.

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Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE by Ashish Mishra exam syllabus are given below..


1.Shapes of simple organic molecules

2.Hybridisation of carbon; σ and π-bonds

3.Optical isomerism of compounds containing up to two asymmetric centers,

4.Structural and geometrical isomerism

5.IUPAC nomenclature of simple organic compounds (only hydrocarbons, mono-functional and bi-functional compounds);

6.Determination of empirical and molecular formulae of simple compounds (only combustion method)


8.Conformations of ethane and butane (Newman projections); Resonance and hyper-conjugation;

Preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes

1.Preparation of alkanes by Wurtz reaction and decarboxylation reactions.

2.Physical properties of alkanes

3.Combustion and halogenation of alkanes;

4.Boiling points and density

Preparation, properties and reactions of alkenes and alkyneS

1.Acidity of alkynes

2.density and dipole moments

3.Acid catalysed hydration of alkenes and alkynes (excluding the stereo-chemistry of addition and elimination);

4.Preparation of alkenes and alkynes by elimination reactions

5.Electrophilic addition reactions of alkenes with X2, HX, HOX and H2O (X=halogen)

Reactions of benzene:

1.Friedel-Crafts alkylation and acylation


1.Kolbe reaction.

2.Electrophilic substitution reactions

Characteristic reactions of the following (including those mentioned above)

1.Grignard reactions

2.Alkyl halides

3.Grignard reactions

4.Alkyl carbocation

5.Nucleophilic substitution reactions

6.Dehydration and Oxidation

7.Reaction with Sodium

8.Conversion of Alcohols into Aldehydes and Ketones

9.Haloform reaction and Nucleophilic addition reactions (Grignard addition)

10.Basicity of Substituted Aniline’s and Aliphatic amines

11.Preparation For Intro Compounds

12.Reaction with Nitrous Acid


1.Hydrolysis of sucrose


3.Mono- and Di-saccharides (glucose and sucrose)



6.Glycoside formation

Amino acids and Peptides

1.Physical Properties

2.Natural Rubber


Practical organic chemistry

1.Chemical methods of separation of mono-functional organic compounds from binary mixtures.

2.Carboxylic, Amino and Nitro

3.Hydroxyl (alcoholic and phenolic), carbonyl (aldehyde and ketone)

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