NIOS Paper2 Modern History for Examination Preparation

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NIOS Paper2 Modern History for Examination Preparation


NIOS Paper2 Modern History for Examination Preparation.Here is some better than average study material on Indian Culture and Heritage from National Open School (NOS) now renamed as NIOS.

Positive Points of NIOS Paper2 Modern History for Examination Preparation

1.Another category of useful texts are NIOS texts

2.NIOS corresponds to National Institute of Open Schooling. NIOS texts are very useful for subjects like Indian Culture.

3.You may have gotten notification from all toppers, the significance of NIOS books in UPSC Civil Services Examination.

4.NIOS Books best and highly recommend for UPSC and Other Government Exam Preparation.

5.NIOS boks and material consists best quality syllabus with important topics for IAS PREPARATION.

NIOS Paper2 Modern History for Examination Preparation chapters are given below…

Established of British Rule in India Till 1857

  • New Phases in European Eastern Trade with India
  • British Occupation of Bengal  (Plassy to Buxer (1757-1765 )
  • The Dual Administration of Bengal
  • Ideology of Expansion Tool and Methods
  •  Growth of Colonial Administrative Apparatus

Economic Effects of Colonialism

  • The First Phase of British Colonialism
  • The Second Phase of British Colonialism (Free Trade)
  • The Third Phase of British Colonialism

Social Changes In Modern India 

  • British Culture Police In India
  • Social Religious Form
  • Brahmo Samaj
  • Ishwar Chand Vidyasagar
  • Reform Movement in Western India
  • Reforms Movements Among Muslims
  • Introduction of English Education & Chapter Act of 1813
  • Debate on Medium of Education and Role on  MACAULAY
  • Woods Dispatch
  • Growth of Press of India

Popular Resistance to Company Rule

  • Circumstances Leading  to Popular Revolt
  • Major Uprising
  • Nature and Significance o the Early Resistance
  • Revolt 1857 Causes and Courses
  • Nature and Revolt Consequences


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