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Indian Art & Culture  NIOS.NIOS is “Open School” to take into account the necessities of a heterogeneous gathering of learners up to pre-degree level for ordering call us 0120-42214131


Indian Art & Culture  NIOS.NIOS is “Open School” to take into account the necessities of a heterogeneous gathering of learners up to pre-degree level. It was begun as a venture with in-constructed adapt abilities by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1979. In 1986, the National Policy on Education recommended reinforcing of Open School System for augmenting open learning offices in a staged way at auxiliary level everywhere throughout the nation as a free framework with its own educational modules and examination prompting to confirmation.

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Indian Art & Culture  NIOS modules as follows

  • Module – 1 Culture
    • 1. Culture: An Introduction
    • 2. Indian Culture
  • Module 2: History and Culture through the Ages
    • 3. Ancient India
    • 4. Medieval India
    • 5. Modern India
  • Module 3: Languages and Literature 
    • 6. Indian Languages and Literature-I
    • 7. Indian Languages and Literature
  • Module 4: Religion and Philosophy 
    • 8. Religion and Philosophy in ancient India
    • 9. Religion and Philosophy in Medieval India           
    • 10. Religious Reform Movements in Modern India
  • Module 5: Painting, Performing Arts and Architecture 
    • 11. Indian Painting                                             
    • 12. Performing Arts: Music, Dance and Drama
    • 13. Indian Architecture
  • Module 6: Science and Technology 
    • 14. Science and Technology in India
    • 15. Scientists of Ancient India
    • 16. Science and Scientists of Medieval India    
    • 17. Scientists of Modern India
  • Module 7: Education
    • 18. Education in India
  • Module 8: Social Structure   
    • 19. Indian Social Structure                                              
    • 20. Socio-Cultural Issues in Contemporary India
    • 21. Spread of Indian Culture Abroad
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