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GEOGRAPHY-Optional Class Notes Shabbir Sir-Vajiram and Ravi is the best and famous institute for UPSC ,SSC,IAS aspirants.

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3.Booklets are the same as given in the classroom course. It contains 12 booklets and covers the whole syllabus.

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GEOGRAPHY-Optional Class Notes Shabbir Sir-Vajiram and Ravi 12-Booklets with important topics is as following….

1.Geo morphology

  • Recent trends:
  • Land form
  • Topography
  • Uniformitarianism
  • Geomorphic process


  • The Atmosphere
  • Insolation
  • Elements of climate and Factors affecting them
  • Temperature
  • Factors Influencing Temperature
  • Perception

3.Indian Physiography and Land Resources

  • Northern and North-eastern Mountain
  • Northern Plain
  • Peninsular Plateau
  • Indian Desert
  • Coastal Plains
  • Islands


  • Jet streams,energy sources of cyclone, temperate and temperate cyclones, cloudbursts
  • geomorphology: glacial land-forms, erosional land-forms, caves,
  • heat budget of the earth
  • pressure belts, planetary winds, local winds, airmass
  • precipitation types
  • development and rainfall go hand in hand- discuss
  • global climate change
  • hydro-logical cycle

5.Indian Climate, water & Bio-tic Resources

  • Forest, agriculture, resources, industry, population, rivers and transport.
  • Distribution of vegetation in India
  • forest conservation and social forestry
  • drought management
  • soil profile of India


7.Indian Agriculture

8.Population Geography

9.Settlement Geography

10.Mineral and Energy Resources and Indian Industries

11.Models Theories and Laws & Misc.from Eco. Geography

12.Trade , Communication & Transport & Political Aspects

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