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1) Devaluation of Yuan and its implication upon Indian economy and global economy. Discuss.

2) Assess the steps taken by Chinese government to check the fall of stock market in China.

3) Discuss the status of pink revolution in India and its challanges.

4) Suspending MPs- a) Rules involved in Lok Sabha  and Rajya Sabha. b) Difference between LS and RS in this matter.

5) Is Digital India initiative of the Govt is doable by 2019? Assess the bottlenecks and suggest the measures to rectify the situation.

6) Land market in Indian scenario had a chequered history. Discuss this statement in the light of recent debate on LARR Bill, 2014?

7) Green economy is not only environmentally prudential but also economically profitable. Elaborate.

8) Give arguments for and against in case of making ‘ Right to Privacy’ as a fundamental right.

9)Public investment in current scenario is the key driver of economic growth in India. Discuss.

10) The proposed revival of closed urea plan in eastern region makes little economic sense. Why?

11) Is affordable housing project possible through the PPP way?

12) How the COP -21 is expected to be different from the previous conference? What will be its consequences on India?

13)What is a participatory note ( PN)? Explain how it helps India better to integrate into the global  financial system. Also explain the problems faced by the global investors with Indian policy.

14) What is Obama’s clean power plan and its impact on India’s climate change strategy? What is clean coal technology?

15)Explain the method of SECC urban BPL calculation. Identify how to expand the coverage of urban poor and how to tackle it.

16) The impact of corporative federalism on the development of Bihar- Bleeding Bihar. Comment.

17)How the presumptive legitimacy of our state is at risk?

18) Explain the state of hyprocrisy in the Indian society.

19) Issues related with transfer of funds under CSS. Elaborate

20) Policies in agriculture should be farmer centric. Explain.

21) Obstacles in passing GST bill. Discuss.

22) How Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will act as a regulator and help in capacity building of the state. Explain.

23)Explain the seven areas of concern of the MPC.

24) Explain how the regime of world economy is gradually changing, its impact on Indian economy and how to tackle it.

25) Assess government’s latest decision regarding defence procurement and suggest the steps for making this process efficient.

26) Engaging Pakistan in dialogue is not only necessary but also compelling. Discuss and suggest how India can strengthen it inspite terrorism.

27) Mention the recent decision taken by Government for the treatment of accident victims. How to further strengthen it and suggest measures of road safety.

28) To what an extent you agree that the majority in the parliament is by itself not the sine qua non of stability nor a guarantee of good governance.

29) To what an extent Modi’s foreign policy represents change more than the continuity.

30)Death penalty can act as a deterence. Discuss.

31) Work and duties of RBI. Explain.

32) Exchange rate in India is fully market determined or not?

33) Explain the concepts: Repo rate, Reverse repo state, MSF, Bank rate, SLR, CRR, NDDL.

34)Differentiate between short duration discussion and adjournment motion.
35)LARR bill- Discuss the recent changes made in the bill.

36) It is not a big step but a small step that will make a paradigm shift in India’s agriculture growth story. Discuss.

37) Can Digital India solve fundamental problems with India’s educational system? Discuss.

38) Why special category status is overrated?

39) What is the importance of PM’s recent visit to UAE? How it is different from the visits made to other countries?

40) Slowdown in Chinese economy is an opportunity for India or not?

41) Write a short note on ‘Mausam’.

42) Reservation and neo middle class syndrome. Assess the future.

43) 5G- Internet of everything is also internet everywhere. Discuss.

44) What is responsible for India’s sharp disinflation? Assess the criteria involved critically.

45) Discuss the future of Genetically Modified (GM) crops in India.

46) Making Indian Economy competitive.

47) Essay : In India, rights as consumers are greater than their rights as citizens. Discuss.

48) In India, nation state and religion are the only two ideologies that regulate and consecrate the meaning of death. Discuss.

49) GST as a constitutional ammendment bill. What are the major concerns and their possible solutions? Discuss.

50) The right to privacy is a fundamental right. Do you agree with that? Under what circumstances can such right be curtailed under national interest?

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