DIAS Physics Notes Vol (1 to 8) for UPSC by Vajpayee Sir

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This is one of the best study material of UPSC Main which is photocopy notes  of Printed Material and Hand written class notes of D.P Vajpayee Sir.for any query you can call us on  1204221413


DIAS Physics Notes Vol 1-8 for UPSC by Vajpayee Sir .Civil Services Guru D.P. Vajpayee , B. Tech IIT( Bombay), M.Phil (JNU), DIAS has kept up its record of walk towards greatness.

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DIAS Physics Notes Vol 1-8 for UPSC by Vajpayee Sir notes important topics for exam preparation are given below..

1.Physics Vol-1 

a.Nuclear Physics-*Basic Nuclear Properties

b.Models Of Nuclear

c.Nature Of Nuclear Force

2.Physics Vol-2

a.Trignometric Identities-*Huygen’s Theory


c.Group Velocity

3.Physics Vol-3

a.Thermo Dynamics -*Thermometry

b.Kinetic Theory of Gases

c. Statical Thermo Dynamics

4.Physics Vol-4

a.Electromagnetism -*Electricity & Magnetism

*Electrostatics & Magnetostatics

5.Physics Vol-5

a.Matrix Multiplication -*Quantum Mechanics

*Atomic & Molecular Physics

6.Physics Vol-6  

a.Atomic Physics

b.Molecular Physics

7.Physics Vol-7

a.Mechanics-*Inertial Frame

*Non-Inertial Frame

8.Physics Vol-8

a.Solid State Physics & Miscellaneous



Total Pages Number – 1552

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