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BRAINTREE ANTHROPOLOGY  by G.S KARTHIC is one of the leading coaching institute in India. G.S Karthic himself has been guiding many students for ANTHROPOLOGY as an optional for many years.for ordering call us our cutomer support no 1204221413

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BRAINTREE ANTHROPOLOGY  by G.S KARTHIC is one of the leading coaching institute in India.

1.G.S Karthic himself has been guiding many students for ANTHROPOLOGY as an optional for many years witting is good consist simple language easy to understand and available in both languages Hindi and English .His notes best for Upsc exam for best preparation

2.Quite a few students got very good marks and successfully cleared the toughest examination(IAS).

3.Study material provides best material,notes and books for UPSC,SSC,IAS,IPSC,RRB,IBPS, and Other Government Competitive exams.

4.Like Photocopy notes of Handwritten notes,Upsc notes,IAS  notes,Printed notes ,Notes for IAS exam,Photo copy notes for IAS exam,Photocopy study material for IAS exam,Upsc notes,Upsc study material,Upsc coaching notes and books for SSC

BRAINTREE ANTHROPOLOGY by G.S KARTHIC Materials consists of 3-booklets and covers the entire syllabus.

Volume-1 :-

  • Meaning ,Scope & development of anthropology:Marriage :
  • Kinship :Nature and culture and Society:
  • Family: Religion : ANTHROPOLOGICAL theories:
  • Economic  organisation Political organisation and social control: Research methods

Volume-2 :-Human Evolution and emergence of man:

  • The biological basis of life: Concept of Genetic polymorphic and selection:
  • Race and racism: Concepts and methods of ecological  anthropology:
  • Age sex and population variation :
  • Mendelian genetics in man Characteristic of primates :
  • Social demography application of Anthropology:
  • Concept of human growth and  development.

Volume -3: Evolution of Indian Culture :

  • Demographic profile :
  • Caste systems in India : Emergence and growth of Anthropology in India :
  • Indigenous and Exogenous processes of social  change in India :
  • Tribal situation in India:
  • Problems of exploitation and deprivation & constitutional safeguards :
  • Ethnicity , Ethnic conflicts and political developments :
  • Tribal  administration : Structure and Nature of Traditional Indian social system :
  • Impact of Buddhism , Jainism,Islam and Christianity of Indian society :
  • linguistic and religious  minorities :
  • Social change and contemporary tribal societies :
  • Role of Anthropology in  tribal and rural development.
  • Contact Information 

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