About Bhuddhism and Jainism

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About Bhuddhism and Jainism This book is a complete guide about the brief history and its origin of Buddism and Jainism.Also it covers the phiolosphy of Bhuddism and jainism.for ordering call us 0120-4221413


About Bhuddhism and Jainism has been a most loved subject for UPSC to outline no less than one question in the preparatory examination consistently. Here we will hope to comprehend the fundamental ideas, terms and reasoning identified with Buddhism that will empower us to answer those inquiries.

UPSC frequently frame proclamation on the premise of these realities. All things considered, the response for the above is no, for them two. Buddhism does NOT have faith in GOD and SOUL.

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About Bhuddhism and Jainism has been a most loved subject for UPSC and topics are..                                                   

                        Causes of New Movements – Jainism and Buddhism


       Vedic philosophy

       Rites and ceremonies

       Caste system

       Person of low caste

       Vedic religion

       Supremacy of Brahmins

       Causes for the Rise of Jainism

       Lord Mahavira’s Family

       Visual Mnemonic

      Jainism Symbols and their Meanings

Teachings of Buddha

    Three Jewels of Buddhism – Tri Ratnas

    Noble Truths of  Buddhism (Atya satyas)

    Ashtanga Marga (8 Fold path) of Buddhism

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