Photocopy notes and study material for competitive examination from different shops across India.

We would simply say that , few days ago when I was student I had realised some problem and that was sourcing of notes. Coachings notes are major source of learning of students. Students donot want to join coaching or can not afford high fee in coaching and for a larger section of society or students those quality notes are out of reach. Those coachings who provide notes have high cost involved.

Solution was Photocopy notes or PDF notes. We realised many book shops near famous coachings are well known sellers of those notes.

Near Vajiram & Ravi , a famous UPSC coaching , is mushroomed with at least 50 book shops who sell photocopy notes. Then we decided to increase reachs of these notes. We started to identify different courses or exams and shops where notes of those exams can be sourced and started sending them to students. We at study material buy notes from shops like Atul photo shop near Vajiram , Image runner book shop , sparkle copier etc. We try to identify which shop owner has good quality of that notes and then we started  studymaterial.oureducation.in is a the only place you can find genuine notes of good quality in photocopy state of all competitive examinations Notes of different coaching are very costly that is why students opt for studymaterial.oureducation.in where the students get the notes at reasonable price.

Many notes are directly sourced from coaching center when prices are low for bulk buying. We are also coming up with sales of video lectures after sourcing them from various social sites or coachings youtube channel and arrange them in proper educational content.

In case you want us to arrange any notes , which we s not at our website let us know , so that we will try to arrane those notes for you.


Exams for which we are trying to Provide notes or study materials from different shops are.

  1. UPSC notes
  2. IIT JEE notes
  3. 10th board notes
  4. 12th board notes
  5. Bank PO study material
  6. Bank SO notes
  7. IES notes
  8. Gate study material
  9. NET study material
  10. CTET notes
  11. IELTS
  12. SSC CGL notes
  13. prelims 2018